If You Recognize These Signs, You Need a Shrink Right Away



Do You Really Need Help?

We all have some periods in our life where we feel constant stress, sorrow, despair or we want to fight, but how to know if these signals are concerning and do we need the expert’s help? Experts claim that people who suffer from some mental illness, are those who will unlikely seek the help. In America, one out of five grown people has some mental condition and 46 to 65 percent of people decide to ask help.

Forget What Society Says

Psychologist state that not everyone comes seeking help, the main faults are myths and prejudices which involve psychiatrist or psychologist and rooted opinion that society will judge them.

The reasons why you need psychiatric help:

  • You feel everything intensively

We all feel sorrow or anger sometimes, but how often does that happen and how much is intensive? If it repeats and significantly influences on your life, it’s time to ask for help. This whole situation may feel shocking and paralyzing and can bring you to a stage of the panic attack and before you know what’s happening, you will start to avoid things. If you limit your life and start avoiding so many things, then it’s a right moment to ask for help.

  • You suffered some trauma and can’t stop thinking about it

You had a death case and you lost a member of the family, or you had a tough breakup, or you lost a job, this all may seem insignificant to you, but this is more than enough for concealing. We often give our self the false sense of security, thinking that it will go away, but that’s not the case always. A great grief can influence on our everyday routine and can even cause the withdrawal into our self, we won’t notice it, but people around us will.

  • Sudden headaches and stomach ache appear

When we are mentally upset, that condition has influences on our whole body. Studies have confirmed that stress can manifest itself in some natural ways, chronic digestive problems to headaches, frequent colds, and even lack of libido.

  • You started using something to cope with the situation

If you realized that you started to drink more, or to use drugs, or started eating too much, or just thinking about these, then those might be signals that you hope to suppress instead of facing the feelings.

  • You make mistakes on work, and you can’t stay productive

Changes at work are common among people who are struggling with emotional or psychological problems. You may feel excluded from the work, even if sometimes work made you happy. Apart from changes in concentration and attention, you might get a negative criticism from the boss or colleague, which could be indicative of bigger problems.

  • Your relationships have become tough

If you cannot open to your loved ones and tell them how you feel, or you cannot identify what exactly is troubling you; or if you are not at all looking forward to spending time with loved ones, you might be a good candidate for family therapy.

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