Our environment is so poisoned that we should be happy we stayed alive for so long. Millions of people around the world have some chronical disease, or they suffer from overweight and food is the only cause. Publicly available and more cost effective way of diet, known as fast food, has become more appealing than any other type of nutrition. Full of additives and unhealthy groceries, threatens to become the biggest risk to our health, but what can we do to change that?

Four white deaths

sugar_flour_saltThis is a common term between nutritionists and it is a time we realize the dark side of the white groceries since we eat them every day. White sugar, flour, salt and lard threaten to our health and they are the reason why our body suffers from so many diseases. They don’t have any nutritive values, except they taste nice. Many people are mistaken when they think these groceries will give them enough power to go through the day, or that they will be more mentally capable. The sad fact is that they destroy our body and create many chronical diseases, such as diabetes, troubles with cholesterol and circulation, heart attack, overweight, ulcer, acne, the acidity of the body, cancer and many other.

How to avoid them?

The most important thing is that we finally become aware of our diet and reading should become our starting point. Nowadays almost everyone has access to the Internet, why not use that to our advantage, we are talking about most precious gift here and that’s our health. Find about which groceries to use, which one are healthy, how to prepare them, where to buy them, should they be organic? Once you discover all this, the next important part is to stay strong and consistent, especially when sugar and white flour is in question, there are many sugary and baking treats that will temper with your decision. In the end, every one of these groceries has its healthy substitute.

Alternative ways of “white deaths.”

Like in nature, where there is a battle between good and bad, same goes for the groceries. Each one of these white deaths has its healthy substitute; it’s on us whether we choose to accept it.

For thousands of years, people used honey, fresh and dried fruit to satisfy their desire for sweet. Those natural groceries not only do they have sugar, but they are full of mineral, vitamins, organic acid, enzymes, and water. The matter of sugar has more become the mental issue and not only one day passes that we don’t use it.

vegetables_healthyeating101Why use white flour full of gluten, when we can use flour made of whole grains, or you can buy bread made of rye, oats, buckwheat, rice, and corn? This is a much healthier solution.

If you use the proper amount of vegetable in your diet every day, there is no need to add salt to any meal you make. The small amount isn’t bad, but we usually intake 25 times larger amount that needed.

There are so many ways to substitute lard, for example, olive oil, vegetable, sesame oil and butter are healthy ingredients to any meal.