Everyone knows that healthy lifestyles do not come easily. Healthy living requires planning, self-discipline, and support. You can implement small changes to your daily routine to get started after you’ve set a goal and done the necessary planning and preparation to achieve this goal.

Setting goals

First, you need to set yourself a short-term goal, and a long-term goal with milestones to accomplish on your road to becoming healthier. If you don’t have set goals, you won’t endure too long when attempting to make improvements. To do this, sit down with a notebook or notepad and brainstorm. Ask yourself these questions.

Why do I want to make a transformation in my life?

What preparations will I have to make in order to accomplish my goals?

How will I acclimate to my new, healthy lifestyle choices?

Will I have any support from anyone? If so, who?

Making arrangements and setting milestones

2When making your preparations, you must evaluate the response you offered to the above inquiry. If your short-term goal is to lose 15 lbs and your long-term goal is to lose 30+ lbs, you will require milestones.

Milestones are like your stepping-stones to a healthier you. Say, for example, you want to discontinue smoking. Well, you are going to have to throw away your cigarettes and everything that reminds you of them such as lighters, old carton boxes, and so on and so forth. This can be developed into milestones in this way:

Milestone 1:

  • I smoked my last cigarette today.

Milestone 2:

  • I have made it 14 days without cigarettes.

Milestone 3:

  • I regulated the habits associated with cigarettes such as smoking after meals or after hot beverages.

You should reward yourself for each milestone that you accomplish. Enjoy the little things, and know you are on your way to success. You should celebrate every little victory.

Set up a routine

It is important that when you start your journey, you set up a routine. There are many days planning apps out on the market these days for mobile phones such as fabulous, which helps establish positive habits and routines. You can also make to-do lists in other apps. Apps like Habitica make your life into an RPG. This enforces healthy habits.

Exercise and eat the right meals

Exercise is one of the most important pillars in helping you get to where you want to be. You can join a gym, or you can use online workout videos.

There is also a plethora of apps on the app store with workouts. You will also want to make sure you are eating right. Many people put down counting calories, but still, others swear by them. Make sure you are getting adequate nutrients to support your lifestyle.

Get enough sleep

3Sleeping is a large player in not just our mental health, but our physical health as well. When you set up your routine, you should stick to a specific bed-time and go to sleep at that time every night. If you do late-night computing or text your friends before you fall asleep, it might be a good idea to invest in a blue-light filter. Blue light has been shown to significantly affect sleeping patterns.