When you are stressed and anxious, the body releases the hormones called adrenaline and cortisol. The body activates flight response, and one will not be stable because of the psychological changes that lead to headaches and tense muscles. The heartbeat also raises as your breathing speeds up.

These effects are the last we expect after having a busy day, or after we have had a terrifying experience, however, there are ways you can overcome stress. You need to choose to do something that you enjoy or talk to someone who you believe can help you. The following are the major ways that can you can apply to reduce stress.

Meditation and Deep Breathing

having yoga

When you feel the signs of stress such as fatigue, depression, and anxiety, you should take a break and have a deep breath. You can do this from the comfort of your chair in the office, your car or in the middle of your rush to work. Think of something positive and close your eyes as you breathe deeply.

This will help you to take a mental break from the current conditions that stress you; it has powerful effects to reduce your stress. You can pair these deep breaths with some yoga or any other relaxation exercises. This will ease the muscles of your back and other body parts where you feel strained.

Physical Activities

Physical activities will help you to reduce the stress, depression, and anxiety. When you feel uncomfortable, take a moment and do physical exercises. Exercises will help increase your heart rate but reduce your blood pressure.

Similarly, the exercises will let your mind forget the current issues that are stressing you. Your muscles will also feel relaxed and overcome the fatigue that results from stress.

Regulate Your Diet

When you are taking your daily meals, make sure you avoid excessive consumption of processed foods and snacks because chances are you will not be feeling well eventually. It is recommended to shift to meals that are rich in omega three fatty acids, green tea and other healthy meals that will help you curb your stress effectively.

Some dietary supplements such as lemon balm, valerian and kava can also help you to reduce your stress. Lastly, you need to reduce the caffeine intake because it gives you the jitters and makes your stress worse.

Take a nap

woman sleeping

Taking a nap is the simplest way you can use to deal with your stress. You need to grab a soft blanket and have a comfortable sleep in your favorite spot; this will help your brain to be settled from the issues that are stressing you. When you are asleep, the high levels of cortisol hormones will disappear and so will your stress.

During the night, you need to take at least six hours of comfortable sleep so that you can tackle your regular activities in the upcoming day. Generally, you need to practice the simplest remedy that will make you feel comfortable again after your stressful moment.